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This product is the upgrade type of FM 6301.It is organic or inorganic surface re-treated So the dullness is more higher, the transparence is better.And it is easy to disperse, with low oil absorption and big pore space.
1.High efficiency--there are various kinds of styles for granule meet with the request of dupe prescription.The particle more bigger, the effect more higher.And the granule distributes strait and symmetric,the effect is very high.It is the organic matting agent.
2.Good diaphancity---the refracted index of matting agent is close to refracted index of film colophony.It avoids the white fog possibly in extinction varnish.
3.Easy dispersion-controlling the particle size distrihution makes it easy to disperse into the coatings.For typical dissolving machine,it takes 10 to 15min to disperse sufficiently by impeller with 120r/mm.
4.No effect to paint film-the purity of matting agent,the integrity of granule, the grinding resistance and choosing the matching type are not only no effect to the paint recoating adhesion strength,but also make it grinding resistance,smooth,nice hand feeling and consistent gloss.
5.Application-this product is recommead to be used in the amino baking paint, polyurethane paint and polyester paint.When using,it takes just 10 to 15min to disperse sufficiently by impeller with 1200r/mm.
Recommended application arrange,baking paint,colored paint,powder coating,coil coating, water based wood lacquer,glass coating,leather coating etc.