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Silica matting powder, there are three main types, are X X-ray amorphous porous material. The first is a micron grade precipitated silica, positive particles of chainlike accumulation. The second kind is micron silica aerogel. The third kind is fumed silica
Matting agent. Silica has become the main physical properties of general matting agent effective is the particle size, porosity and density etc..
FM-3021 extinction powder as micron sized silica organic aerogels. The positive particles to form three-dimensional network structure, Kong Rong is generally greater than 1.8mL/g. FM-3021 silica matting should have the following characteristics: easy to disperse; the extinction performance is good, low adding amount can produce strong extinction properties; transparent interference on the film little; effects of mechanical and chemical properties of the coating film is small; in the liquid coating has good suspension property, can be stored for a long time, will not produce hard precipitation; small effect on the rheology of paint; high chemical inertness.
FM-3021 silica matting powder have the above characteristics, so in the paint use up. Its high chemical purity, insoluble in water and various organic solvents and general acid, alkali, only reacted with concentrated alkali and hydrofluoric acid, high chemical inertness. The refractive index of 1.46, and a variety of resin of the refractive index of 1.4 to 1.5 close, so good transparency.
FM-3021 is easy to disperse; control of particle size distribution make it easily dispersed in the coatings, for dissolving machine standard. Taking 1200r/mm (blade speed 5-6m/s) impeller dispersed for 10 to 15 minutes, can be fully dispersed, pay attention to the temperature control in 50 degrees below C.
FM-3021 extinction powder index

Loss on drying(105℃)w/%  ≤

Ignition loss(1000℃)w/%  ≤

Silica(SiO2)w/%   ≥

oil factor/(g/100g)

pH(5%Aqueous suspension)

white degree≥

(Na)w/%           ≤

鐵(Fe)w/%          ≤


(BJH)/(mL/g)    ≥













Five, recommend the use of range, 1, wood paint, paint, 2 3, 5 6 coil coating paint, glass paint etc.