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This product is mainly used in plastic, polyurethane baking paint,and as inorganic additive extinction in polyester paint.It has following characters.
1.Good diaphaneity--the refracted index of micronized SiO2 is close to refracted index of film colophony.
2.Easy dispersion-controlliag the particle size distribution of polyurethane baking paint,polyurethane paint and polyester paint make it easy to disperse into the coatings.For typical dissolving machine,it takes 1O to 15min to disperse sufficiently by impeller with 1200r/mm.
3.No effect to paint film-tire purity of Micronized SiO2, the integrity of granule,the grinding resistance and choosing the matching type are not only no effect to the paint recoating adhesion strength,but also make it grinding resistance,smooth,and consistent gloss.
4.Application-this product is recommend to be used in the polyurethane baking paint,polyurethane paint and polyester paint.When using,the effect will be better if by sanding. Recommended application arrange: plastic, colored paint.The surface of coating is with superior properties and very good smoothness Because of the excellent suspension property,it also can be well used in baking paint.colored paint, powder coating,coil coating etc.