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This model for inorganic extinction powder, designed for amine paint, polyurethane paint, polyester paint additives, R & D of extinction extinction powder has the following characteristics.
FM-6301E is an improved back from FM-6301, is a new extinction powder, has the advantages of high transparency, high extinction, oil absorption of small, large porosity etc..
A high efficiency -----FM-6301E, extinction of various sizes of particles just meet the coating compositions, extinction efficiency is high, the distribution of the particles is narrow and symmetrical extinction efficiency high.
Two, good transparency, FM-6301E extinction powder through scientific arrangement, FM-6301E refractive index similar to the film forming resin refractive index, extinction of transparent paint to avoid possible mist.
Three, easy dispersion, the particle size distribution control make it easily dispersed in the coatings, the standard for dissolving machine. Taking 1200r/mm (blade speed 5-6m/s) impeller dispersed for 10 to 15 minutes, can be fully dispersed, pay attention to the temperature control in 50 degrees below C.
Four, the film has no effect, extinction powder purity, particle integrity, ground resistance
The characteristics and the reasonable choice of matching models, not only on the film recoat adhesion without impact, abrasion resistance, and the coating is smooth, good hand feeling, luster good consistency.
Five, the recommended range - with 1 coil coatings, 2 amine paint, polyurethane paint, polyester paint 3, 4 etc.
Six, packaging and ----FM-6301E packaging is 10 kg, 5 kg.